Small Group Yoga Classes  – “accessible” Yoga for all ages

Live Online Classes via Zoom

Working with a maximum of 8 people per group, I am able to guide students individually, to ensure that each student is working safely and within their own capabilities. Classes can also be tailored to access specific benefits, be it reducing stress or working on a specific part of the body.

Classes are also run for students over 60, who would like to maintain mobility, strength and balance and improve their general sense of wellbeing. This slower paced, gentler style of yoga, allows participants to learn the basic yoga poses or how to adapt them to suit their capabilities and to combine their movements with breath to access the very real benefits of this therapeutic approach to a  yoga practice.

My training as a yoga therapist means that my approach to all classes is to provide a calm, safe space for students to take some time out of their busy lives and spend an hour or two a week focussing on themselves. Moving the body in a specific way, focusing on breathing and relaxation techniques and learning the tools to improve physical and mental health in a fun and natural way.

Classes are currently done live online via zoom and hopefully, we will be able to practice together in a studio space once more in the near future. You can choose to practice once or twice a week , although twice a week is highly recommended, if possible.

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