What would you like to achieve and how can we work together……
We will have an initial conversation on the phone or on zoom to discuss your needs and then schedule an appointment for your free initial assessment, during which, we will build up a picture of exactly what you would like to work on and what concerns you would like to address. I will come to your home or we will meet on zoom or in the studio to explore how yoga therapy can be of benefit to you.
I can then develop a tailormade program that will include targeted physical movement, specific to our goals for therapy. As part of my holistic approach, we will also discuss lifestyle, breathing techniques and guided meditation practices to help support your progress.

We will then work together  –  you can choose to practice once or twice a week  – and it is highly recommended that a commitment of at least three months is made in order to experience the cumulative benefits of your yoga therapy practice. 

The key to progress is practicing simple techniques, at home, between sessions. This is an important part of your therapy and will provide you with lifelong tools to support and empower yourself along the path to wellness. Yoga therapy is about small changes,  applied consistently and compassionately. Homework might be just 10 minutes per day – keeping it simple and manageable.
You’ll also learn how to modify movement in a regular yoga class to stay safe.

Yoga therapy is effective in  helping to manage stress, depression and anxiety as well as for relieving chronic pain. It also offers a therapeutic approach to supporting and improving health issues around auto-immune and cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes type 2, digestive issues and muscular-skeletal restrictions. (Please note that Yoga Therapy provides additional, complimentary support for traditional medical therapies and is not a replacement.)

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