Bronwen Firth

I have always been curious about how the mind, emotions and body are interconnected in creating a sense of wellbeing and keeping us healthy. How safe and nurturing practices, time spent in nature and living more in rhythm with ‘what is’, can lead to a calmer and more joyful life experience.

My own personal experience of the deeply healing benefits of Yoga Therapy after trauma,  prompted me to train as a yoga therapist, so that I could understand how it heals and share this with others. 

As a trained Yoga Therapist, I use a combination of  biomedical knowledge, counselling skills and adapted yoga practices to support health and healing.  Yoga Therapy offers a safe and personalised approach, which supports each client in their unique journey towards health and vitality.  I believe that the benefits of Yoga Therapy should be accessible to all, as they  are both practical and profound.

Whilst I am not a specialist, as I believe that Yoga Therapy has profound benefits for so many physical and mental conditions, I am particularly interested in chronic, complex conditions, where stress, depression and trauma are contributory or causative factors.
I am interested in how yoga therapy can support spinal integrity and prevent or improve pain and mobility issues, particularly in later life.
As an ex-professional dancer, I also love to work with trained ballet and contemporary dancers, using yoga therapy as a form of cross-training to improve breathing, reduce performance anxiety, improve posture, and maintain strength and flexibility in a safe way, to prevent injury.

My role is simply to guide and support each client by listening with kindness and understanding, sharing my knowledge, teaching the practical tools that resource them and providing a safe, nurturing space that enables balance and resilience

I teach one-on-one and small groups only, as this enables me to tailor the practice specifically to the needs of each individual and to work with the ‘whole’ person, as a multi-dimensional being. Yoga Therapy can be an important part of an integrative approach to health care, working in a complimentary way with the medical profession. 

Bronwens' personalized class is something I look forward to every week. With a lovely voice, she gives clear instructions and offers alternatives if she can see a certain pose isn't working for me. Each class flows beautifully and builds slowly so you feel like you are on a journey. I always end class feeling like I have really worked, but also, I feel relaxed, which is a real skill. Laura G

As a complete beginner with no experience I find Bronwens' instructions very clear and easy to follow and I have learnt so much during these past weeks. I am really loving the increased strength, flexibility and calming element that yoga brings to my life Sharon J.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and feel that I have improved my flexibility and strength and my motivation to exercise more. I have been surprised at how much I have liked doing the classes online as it saves time travelling to and from an actual class. I love that the instructions for the poses are very clear and you have recognized and focused on my limitations and given me alternative adaptations to do. Jan G

I started the yoga therapy classes at the time I was nursing a debilitating herniated disc. I appreciated the slow pace and expert guidance you provided along the way. You explained the stretches methodically and patiently and watched my movements carefully. The drawings you provided gave me a routine I could follow without having to rely on my memory alone. I felt that you saw my whole body as one unit even though you worked with its separate parts. With your help I have slowly built up the confidence to extend my body and to believe that I can move more easily and flexibly. I feel that I am getting healthier and my back pain has reduced significantly to the point where I can now go back to doing the things I was doing before. Timm H

Learning to combine my breathing with my movements has really helped me with my stress levels...and doing breathing exercises and Yoga Nidra has helped me to sleep much better. Jenny H

Today I got the results of the September test and it is down to 144, substantially better than the June result. It is difficult to say exactly, whether the yoga therapy helped to improve the situation but what is clear is while I was having those sessions with you my readings relating to my Crohn's disease improved quite substantially. Mike S

The yoga therapy sessions have been so helpful in relieving my chronic lower back pain - and encouraged me to do simple daily practices in my own time. Renee M

I have done yoga before. It has always been valuable. However, the way in which Bronwen works with (rather than on) her clients is particularly valuable to me both personally and professionally. Personally, she adapts her teaching to my particular body, it’s vulnerabilities and strengths of the time. She watches with an eagle eye and then integrates this information into a session which leaves me entirely refreshed at the end. Her work is a natural extension of mine. I am a psychologist where historical trauma has triggered anxiety and depression in so many clients. Anxiety and Depression invariably have distressing physical symptoms. Bronwen has the ability to make these symptoms her focal point of working in an entirely unconfrontational, gentle manner which provides natural and healthy relief which is normally difficult to find. Sandy H.

I love my yoga therapy with Bronwen. Not only for the relaxation but it has also helped me to cope with my Lupus. Learning to manage my stress levels, keeping my body moving in a gentle way and improving my breathing have made a huge difference and helped me so much. I can feel a difference in my body and life. Bronwen is gentle and kind and her classes are very enjoyable. Chelsea C.