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I'm Bronwen
As a trained yoga therapist, I work with clients using a combination of biomedical knowledge, somatic counselling skills and adapted yoga practices to support healing for a range of health issues.

Are you struggling with
depression, burnout or anxiety?
Do you suffer from chronic pain? You may be facing the overwhelm of a cancer diagnosis or side-effects from treatment or surgery? Would you like to retain or improve your strength, balance and mobility as you get older? Do you suffer from digestive issues or cardiovascular disease? The multifaceted therapeutic approach of yoga therapy also supports the prevention of disease and empowers everyone to take charge of their health and of their choices, improving overall quality of life. Yoga therapy is increasingly being incorporated into individualised treatment plans by doctors, as an ideal complement to Western medicine.

Are you struggling with
depression or anxiety?
Do you suffer from chronic pain ?
Mental wellness and pain management is where yoga therapy absolutely shines - By Reconnecting mind and body we create resilience and support healing that is empowering, enduring and life affirming.

Bronwen is a certified yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist.

Individual Yoga Therapy - online or face-to-face.

I use movement, somatic counselling skills and modified yoga and breathing practices to address the specific health issues impacting the lives of my clients.  

To begin with, I take a full client history and complete a physical and breathing assessment. This ensures that the practices that are suggested are effective and appropriate for each client’s individual health issues and goals for healing. Every individual personal therapy programme includes pain-free physical movements – no matter how small and simple – breathing techniques, relaxation, guided meditation and the opportunity to share experiences within a therapeutic relationship. 

A Yoga Therapist links the brain, physiology, pathology and behavior in a multidimensional, whole person approach, which is crucial for health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. 

Small Group Yoga Classes - online

Working with a maximum of 8 people per group, I teach gentle and accessible yoga classes, which are geared towards supporting mobility, building strength, inducing relaxation and encouraging healthy breathing patterns. My therapeutic approach recognises and adapts for  individual abilities or challenges and focuses on safe and sound practices, allowing you to experience the maximum benefit from your yoga practice as well as enjoying your time spent on your mat. 

Yoga Therapy Workshops and courses

Guiding you towards resilience in times of stress…..by teaching you how to calm the Nervous System.

Yoga Therapy for dancers and dance teachers..applying yoga principles to support the art of dance. 

Ageing gracefully …naturally. Yoga Therapy to support some of the physical and mental health issues that arise as we get older. 

"How can yoga therapy help and how does it work?""

There is growing scientific evidence that proves that Yoga Therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of medical and psychological conditions, healing after injury and enabling people to live better with chronic conditions.

Yoga Therapy focusses on movement with breathing practices which calm the nervous system, support the immune system, improve breathing, cardiac and lung function, build joint health and improve brain and digestive function – working with all the body systems, including the mind – everything is connected.

Combining breath and movement, in a specific way, helps to alleviate depression, anxiety and lowers stress hormones, blood pressure and blood sugar - teaching resilience and mindfulness. Helping people cope with chronic stress is where Yoga Therapy really shines.

Increased body and self-awareness enables you to influence your body systems, particularly the nervous and digestive systems and regulate emotions and relationships in a healthy way.

Working with physical injuries, emotional disorders or as post-operative care, therapeutic yoga supports healing and self-awareness.

Yoga Therapy has been shown to help with cancer related fatigue as well as reducing stress, anxiety and promoting recovery from cancer treatments and surgery with gentle, slow, pain free movement and relaxation techniques.

Yoga therapy improves posture and balance and can be a preventative way of avoiding spinal disc injuries, falls and muscular imbalances.

Therapeutic yoga is also particularly helpful in relieving chronic muscle and joint pain.

Yoga as therapy stretches and strengthens the body, creating ease of movement within each persons’ range of movement and without undue strain.

You will learn tools for self-practice and self-care that you can use anytime you need it.

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